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This Friday, 5/5  at Explora Lab Z from 10-1PM

We will be giving out free plants and seeds, as well as selling kits to get you started on your own hydroponic/aquaponic garden.


Join us for an exciting hands-on demonstration where you'll explore the fascinating world of hydroponics and aquaponics. This event is designed for teachers, parents, students, and gardeners of all ages who are interested in innovative gardening techniques.

Event Highlights:

  • Hands-On Demonstration: Learn the basics of hydroponic and aquaponic systems through interactive, practical sessions.

  • Home Gardening: Discover how to set up and maintain your own hydroponic and aquaponic gardens at home.

  • Benefits: Understand the numerous advantages of these gardening methods, including sustainability, efficiency, and year-round cultivation.

Event Details:

                                          WHERE:  EXPLORA

                                          WHEN: Friday, July 5, 2024  Lab Y - 10AM-1PM

                                          FEE: $10 per participant over 18, children free

Hydroponic and aquaponic kits will be available for purchase, allowing you to start your own garden right away.


Who Should Attend:

  • Teachers looking to incorporate hands-on science lessons into their curriculum

  • Parents interested in engaging educational activities for their children

  • Students eager to learn about sustainable practices

  • Gardeners of all ages seeking new gardening techniques

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the future of gardening! Join us and take the first step towards growing fresh, healthy plants all year round.

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